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'Plays you won't see anywhere else...' 
1 man and 1 woman in 20’s, and 1 man and 1 woman 30’s-60Actors Theatre Playhouse 
Auditions and Interviews
December 3rd & 6th
2017 Ten Minute Play Festival 

The Actors Theatre Playhouse in West Chesterfield, N.H. announces Open Interviews and Auditions for its 2017 Ten Minute Play Festival.  
Festival dates are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, June 8 – July 1, 2017 for a run of three or possibly four weeks.

Brattleboro Savings and Loan Community Room
221 Main St., Brattleboro, VT 
Saturday, Dec 3 at 1:00pm & Tuesday, Dec 6 at 6:30pm. 

Copies of the scripts are available as PDF files 
for your perusal by email from the producer 

Jim Bombicino 

If you are interested in auditioning, we would appreciate your letting us know which date you will attend. If you are unable to arrive on time or attend either audition session, you may also contact Jim to make other arrangements for auditioning.

Since August of this year our Selection Committee has been reviewing over one hundred and twenty scripts submitted by New England Playwrights. In recent weeks, the selection has been narrowed down to an even dozen. From this dozen, seven plays will be selected for our next Festival which will open the Playhouse 2017 Season. 

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for new playwrights to have their work recognized and brought to life. Since the beginning of our Festival it has also been our goal to create as many acting and directing opportunities as possible. We know that actor participation and involvement are key to the success of the program and that our challenge this year is to cast up to as many as twenty actors.

At the auditions, we will ask you to read from those plays that interest you. Directors may also ask you to read for other plays as well. You may audition for as many plays as you like and you may act in more than one play. 

We will start table reads in January 2017 and for everyone to be off book by mid-May. Rehearsals will be spread out over several months, with the most intense time being the two weeks prior to the opening and through the first weekend's run. You should plan to have those two weeks open and available every evening (May 30 through June 8). The directors will make up the rehearsal schedules for their respective plays with their actors. 

Please feel free to pass this notice along 
to anyone who might also be interested.

We hope you enjoy reading these great new plays 
and that you are inspired to participate.

The Plays

"The Past Present" by David Vazdauskas  
Directed by Mike Jerald
1 man and 1 woman in 20’s, and 1 man and 1 woman 30’s-60
An artist is in a play, writing a book, about a man writing a play…..Is the artist imitating life or is it the other way around? 

"Figure of a Woman, Unsigned" by Deidre Girard
Directed by Brenda Seitz  
1 Man, 1 Woman both 50-60, and Auctioneer Man or Woman 40-70s  
A man and a woman, seemingly quite different, meet at an auction. What do the items up for auction have to do with bringing them there? Is it a random encounter or is it fate?  

“Ideologues” by Jack Neary
Directed by G. Sherman H. Morrison  
1 boy, 1 girl @12ys old
At a time of increasing political polarization in America, two middle school students manage to figure it all out.

"Stop Saying That" By George Smart
Directed by Marilyn Tullgren
4 Women 55+, 2 Men 55+, 1 Man @25
A comedy about old age and a lesson in life: Don't mess with old people!

"It’s the Jews" by John Minigan
Directed by Nancy Stephens
1 Man – a playwright, 1 Woman – a high powered artistic director
How much does Arny’s soul cost? In this play, the Devil does indeed wear Prada, as she temps, cajoles, demands, confuses, and talks, talks, talks, until….Sold?

"Songs My Brother Sang" by Myra Slotnick
Directed by Burt Tepfer 
1 woman 30s-40s, 2 men: 20-30s fussy (likely gay), and 30s-50s 
In this poignant and a times humorous play, an aspiring stand up comedienne visits an AIDS quilt to connect with her brother who died 8 years earlier. This seemingly hostile, smart-alecky, lonely woman is finally able to allow her grief to break through with help from the quilt monitor and a friend of her brother’s.

“Keep the Watch” by Heather Martell
Directed by Ian Hefele
1 Man, 1 Woman both 20s to 30s
Two adults meet under a lamppost while waiting for a bus. This chance encounter leads us in several directions as the couple gets to know each other more deeply. 

The following alternative plays may be chosen/substituted depending on availability of actors:  

“Kamasutra” by Tom Coash 1 male, 1 female both 50s-60s  
The question of sex raises its head when Doris and Harold, a nice older couple from Hackensack, visit the Chandela Temples in India, famous for their erotic carvings celebrating the Kamasutra religious rituals. Amidst the highly suggestive surroundings, Doris and Harold reexamine their love and marriage.

“Forget Me Not" by Myra Slotnick 1 female teens-early 20s, 2 female, elderly but spry  

A young girl who works in a flower shop and speaks in today’s techno-vernacular (OMG –it’s FAB) has a profound effect on 2 elderly woman who come in searching for more than just Zinnias.  

“Taking Up Space” by John Greiner-Ferris husband and wife 40s to 50s 
After parking his truck in the same spot for sixteen years, Will comes home to find his new neighbor has parked his Jeep there, and the effect it has on Will is, by turns, ludicrous and touching.

“Film Appreciation” by David Sussman 1 woman, 4 men mid-late 20’s  
Imagine a relationship with a guy who speaks by quoting lines from one famous film after another. Is there anything more nerve wracking? Maybe so…..

"Quack" by Patrick Gabridge 1 woman, 1 man, mid-20s to mid-30s
A young man and his duck are inseparable, until one fateful day…..we learn the answer to the age old question, “Is a duck really just a duck?!”  

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