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Open Auditions & Interviews
for our 2019
Ten Minute Play Festival

Casting Call  
Open Auditions December 2018
Saturday, Dec. 1st & Thursday, Dec. 6th

The Actors Theatre Playhouse in West Chesterfield, N.H.  
announces Open Auditions for its Ten Minute Play Festival.  
Festival dates are Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
June 6 - June 22, 2019.
Audition Location: Green Street School Library
164 Green Street, Brattleboro, VT  
Saturday, Dec. 1st at 10:00am & Thursday, Dec. 6th at 7:00pm

Since the inception of the Actors Theatre Ten Minute Play Festival twelve years ago, the goal has been to provide an opportunity for new playwrights to have their work recognized and brought to life. For seasoned actors and newcomers alike, we are proud to have created many acting and directing opportunities in our community each year. Actor participation and enthusiasm are key to the success of the program, and we strive to cast a large number of actors of various experiences, ages and types.

This unique selection of plays was selected from national submissions of over 300 ten minute plays. The plays that have made the final cuts are great scripts which couldn't be passed up. Read them and see for yourself!  

Copies are available as PDF files for your perusal by email from co-director, Mo Hart ( If you are interested in auditioning, please email to let her know which date you will attend. If you are unable to attend either audition session or if you won't be on time, you may contact Mo at the email above, to make other arrangements for auditioning.

At the audition, you will be asked to read from the 10-minute plays that interest you. Directors may ask you to read for other plays as well. You may audition for as many plays as you like and you may be cast in more than one play. We may hold call backs on Sunday, December 9th with informal table reads as further auditions.

Rehearsals for the 10-minutes plays begin gently in January and everyone will be off book by mid-May. Just a few rehearsals will be spread out over several months, with the most intensely scheduled rehearsal time being the two weeks prior to the opening. You should plan to be available on call to rehearse any evening and weekend during the final three weeks before opening (Tech: May 20 through June 6. Performances: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, June 6 - June 22, 2019). The directors will schedule rehearsals for their respective plays. Directors for the 2019 Ten Minute Play festival are: Wendy Almeida, Jim Bombicino, Mo Hart, Mike Jerald, Charlene Kennedy, Brenda Seitz, and Burt Tepfer. Nancy Hamilton will stage manage, and co-producers are Jim Bombicino and Burt Tepfer.

Grab a friend to bring to the audition, and share this notice with anyone who might also be interested in acting or working behind the scenes! Again, email to preview plays and to book your audition date for either Saturday December 1st or Thursday December 6th.

-The Plays-

  We hope you enjoy reading these great new plays and that you are inspired to participate.

The Holy Grill
Written by Gary Shaffer
A young couple is nervous about speaking with the Catholic priest as they prepare for their wedding.
Cast: 2 women 20-30 yrs/50+ yrs.; 3 men 20-30 yrs./ 40 + yrs.

Two Girls
Written by Allie Costa
Women discussing the vulnerability of being women.
Cast: 2 women late teens - 30's.

In Her Golden Years
Written by Steven Korbar
While helping to clean out the family home, a daughter discovers what may be an Olympic medal, which her mother improbably insists she won in the 1968 Games but never mentioned.
Cast: woman 20-40 yrs, woman 55-70 yrs

Talk of Birds
Written by Robin Caroline
An adult daughter and her father come to terms with their struggle to communicate.
Cast: woman 20-40 yrs, man 55-70 yrs

Rosebird Egress
Written by Dan McGeehan
A country sheriff reflects on the mysterious death of a drifter
and the profound effect that remains.
Cast: man late 40's +/-, man late 30's +/-, woman late 20's

Hocking Murray
Written by George Sapio
It's definitely too late to divorce a spouse after they're dead. But you can hock them.
Cast: man any age, woman 40s - 70s

Location Location Location
Written by Rick Orloff
Two colleagues finally get together, but will their romance take off
given their individual at-home lifestyles?
Cast: man and woman 50 yrs +/-

The following alternative plays may be chosen/substituted
depending on availability of actors:

Noir Man
Written by Ken Levine
A modern day Philip Marlowe tries to solve the biggest mystery of all
.....the plot of "the Big Sleep."
Cast: man 20's-40's, man 30's-50's, woman 20's-40's

Blind Date the Aftermath
Written by Tanis Galik
How will you know if you've met Mr. or Ms. Right?
First impressions may deceive.....
Cast man and woman 40's-60's.