Main Stage Production

Fridays & Saturdays
July 28th - August 19th  
7:30 pm

     Fridays $15 (students $8)     
Saturdays All Seats $15​ 

4 Weeks only  
8 Performancese 

Featured are

Sadie Fischesser
Nan Mann
G. Sherman H. Morrison
Mo Hart
Sam Murphy
Bruce Holloway

Directed by 
Marilyn Tullgren

Everything that Can go Wrong.....Does !

For its initial Main Stage production, ATP returns to a favorite playwright with Alan Ayckbourn’s award-winning comedy “Table Manners”.

“Table Manners” is a genuine excuse to laugh, as one critic put it. “Six characters, hilariously unaware of their own flaws, represent two marriages grown stale and one courtship that can’t get off the ground.” 

England’s master of character comedy, Alan Ayckbourn, sets sisters, brothers, husbands, in-laws and boyfriends on a merry romp through of all places, the family dining room. This is a family whose members simultaneously despise each other and yet can’t get enough of each other. Annie has arranged to spend an illicit weekend with … well, we don’t want to give it away. Needless to say, she sets the entire household on a tear when she asks her elder brother Reg and his wife Sarah to look after their widowed mother and the house. Central to these relationships is Norman, who needs desperately to be needed by anyone. It’s almost hard to blame him, too, once you meet his wife, Annie’s sister, Ruth, a career-obsessed woman with little apparent need for Norman. To make matters more complex, the solitary Annie is half in love with Tom who is a dismally ineffectual vet living next door. What could go wrong?

The gifted playwright, winner of an abundance of awards, is, of course, reflecting in his inimitable style on marriage, family, and states of mind. As director Marilyn Tullgren says, “ ‘We all get lonely,’ just as one character in the play muses. Indeed. Table Manners, part of Sir Alan's jigsaw-puzzle trilogy, is a meditation on loneliness and more wrapped in a sweet coating of delicious comedy."

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