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September 22 - October 14  
7:30 pm
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Toll Free Reservations  
877 666 1855

Featured are​ 
Greg Lesch 
Gail Haas 
Jerry Levy
Bob Gruen
Veda Crewe
Peter Eisenstadter
Heather Martell
Brenda Galenus

Directed by 
Sam Pilo

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
The Playhouse closes its season with a Main Stage production of one of Chekhov’s masterpieces, 'Uncle Vanya'. It’s a cautionary tale delicately balanced on the knife's edge of tragedy and comedy about the invisible suffering of ordinary people, the futility of service to others, and the fragility of beauty, and illusions, especially when born of jealousy and ennui.

The story revolves around a retired professor who has returned to his estate to live with his young wife, Yelena.  Without being much aware of anything, he manages to trip over 'sleeping dogs' who unleash a whirlwind of passion and disillusionment.   

Chekhov is the acknowledged master of creating an atmosphere of tedium and desolation rubbing elbows with comedy and farce, where even talking seems like an effort. 

It is significant that he paints this picture within an environment where we tend to feel simultaneously safe and comfortable, as well as trapped and vulnerable – the place we call 'home'. In true Chekhovian style, we are left to wonder if this portrait of hope-starved lives is meant to be farce, tragedy, or perhaps as in life, both at the same time. 

“This is a play long on my list for exploration,” says director Sam Pilo. “Over the years we have had many ‘table reads’ of a multitude of translations and adaptations. With this latest one we feel the play has been stripped to its bones. Just when you think you are in a drama, you find yourself in a farce. And just when you think it’s a farce, there’s the drama poking at you. Chekhov is the master of dancing on this edge. His themes are far reaching and absolutely contemporary. His concerns for mental health and environmental action are still topical to the moment, and his characters ‘searching for love in all the wrong places’ is as universal as ever. By the time this piece is presented to an audience, we’ll have spent almost a year exploring all the nooks and crannies, and poking into all the dark corners. With a stripped down production scheme in mind, we are so looking forward to sharing the work with our audience. There should be something for everyone in Uncle Vanya.”

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