Ten Min PlaysLittle FoxesVanya & Sonia & Masha & SpikeWomen of a Certain AgeThe Father

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 
June 8 - 24

3 Weeks Only  9 Performances
All Seats $10

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Doris and Harold from Hackensack reexamine love and marriage while viewing the highly suggestive 
surroundings of the Chandela Temples in India.
A young girl shares a few ‘OMG’ moments with two elderly women who enter her flower shop 
searching for more than just Zinnias.
Will comes home to find the new neighbor’s Jeep in HIS parking spot.  
What is t/his world coming to?  
You meet a boy who speaks in quotes from one famous film after another. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship? A young man and his duck are inseparable (of course), until one fateful day.
A flood in an Alaskan town washes all sorts of truth to shore. 
Old love letters come to light and reveal more than just the past.  
We’re Baaaaaack ! 

 If variety is the spice of life, then the Actors Theatre Playhouse has the ticket for you.

Our Festival returns, and in just ten minutes anything can happen. And it usually does! Can you tell what these stories have in common? 

Give up?  

They are all WINNERS in our year-long Regional Competition 
and make up this year’s Ten Minute Play Festival! 

“This year’s Ten Minute Play Festival marks the tenth annual return, and features seven winners of the theatre’s year-long Regional Competition,” explains co-producer (along with Burt Tepfer)  and director Jim Bombicino. “The Festival was established to encourage the production of new works from New England writers while exposing our actors and new directors to the techniques and practices of working with playwrights producing new plays.”

The winning scripts were selected by a committee of playhouse directors according to established criteria for quality ten minute plays. We also considered factors such as how well plays could be staged in our space, what scripts would work together for a balanced evening of theater, and how well audiences would receive them. “This festival is a win-win,” says Bombicino. “The playwright gets his or her play produced and ATP directors get an opportunity to refine their craft in a collaborative atmosphere.” Our directors this year include returning veterans as well as relative ‘newbees’: Ian Hefele, Michael Jerald, Burt Tepfer, Nancy Stephens, Sherman Morrison, Brenda Sietz, and Marilyn Tullgren.  

Ten Minute Play Festivals have become an established and popular genre across the theatre world. Playwrights love the challenge. Thousands have been written by the best known playwrights to neophyte theater students in high schools and colleges. It’s a perfect training ground for new directors and actors, introducing them to the Actors Theatre audience. Many have gone on to direct or act in ATP Main Stage and Staged Reading productions. 

The Festival has been an audience-pleaser since it first began in 2007. As well, actors have returned to audition for roles year after year. This year's Festival offers our actors over twenty roles. The variety in the offerings and the quick pace at which things move along make it a unique theatrical form. The Plays capture pivotal moments. Even the tightly choreographed set changes between plays win kudos from the audiences and add to the overall charm of the evening. They challenge the playwright, the director, and the actors to make it all happen now, the way it does in real life. There is no time for long background exposition or the slow teasing out of emotional undercurrents. It’s a formula that works equally well for uproarious comedy, or a sudden tragedy, or an unexpected twist in plot... in short, all the variety of life. Think of them as 'popcorn' plays……….

Bet you can't eat just one !

​" It’s our most popular program and people can’t wait for them to roll around each year. If one play doesn’t grab you, hey, wait ten minutes. Another one is coming at you,” concludes Jim Bombicino.  "A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All !"

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