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Whether it’s potato chips, popcorn, 
or Ten Minute Plays, 
it’s that time of year when the 
Actors Theatre Playhouse 
challenges its audience yet again… 
Bet Ya Can’t Eat Just One!

The Holy Grill
Written by Gary Shaffer – Directed by Charlene Kennedy
As Peter and Meg anxiously compare notes for their their pre-marriage interview,  
they haven’t a clue as to what the priest has in store for them.

Two Girls
Written by Allie Costa- Directed by Wendy Almeida
2 Women recount an experience that reveals their vulnerability 
As well as their strength - indelibly marking their future.

In Her Golden Years
Written by Steven Korbar – Directed by Carrie Kidd
While helping to clean out the family home, a young woman discovers  what looks to be 
an Olympic medal in a drawer. Could it actually belong to HER mother? Seriously?  

Talk of Birds
Written by Robin Caroline – Directed by Burt Tepfer
"Will an adult daughter and her father ever understand each other 
with the help of birdsong?"

Rosebird Egress
Written by Dan McGeehan – Directed by Brenda Seitz
A country sheriff reflects on the mysterious death of a drifter 
and the profound effect that it has had on him

Hocking Murray
Written by George Sapio – Directed by Mo Hart
It’s definitely too late to divorce a spouse after they’re dead. But can you hock them?

Blind Date the Aftermath 
Written by Tanis Galik – Directed by Jim Bombicino
“Well, that went well …. or did it?!  
An inside look at how ‘mature’ couples come to terms
with their first impressions…..before the internet!

Written by Steven Doloff – Directed by Mike Jerald
If memories can ‘spring’ eternal and velveteen parrots fly, 
Can hope be far behind for Roger and Didi on the streets of New York City?

The Actors Playhouse Theatre in W. Chesterfield, NH begins its 2019 Season on June 6th with its annual Ten Minute Play Festival, featuring the eight winners of their theatre’s year-long Regional Competition. This year’s plays once again promise a wide range of theatrical formats from situational comedy to introspective drama guaranteeing a little something for everyone.  

Ten Minute Play Festivals have become an established, popular genre throughout the theater world. Playwrights love the challenge and thousands have been written by well-known playwrights as well as neophytes and students of theater. The Festival has been a training ground for the Playhouse for new directors and actors, many of whom have gone on to direct or act in our Main Stage and Staged Reading productions.

Ten minute plays teach you how to stretch theatre-going muscles. A good ten minute play is essentially the same thing as a full-length play, just in a smaller container. It is more than a skit or a sketch. A sketch relies on stereotypes, while a ten-minute play needs to develop its characters. Ten minute plays have really complex characters and arcs to follow and have to get to the heart of the conflict pretty quickly. There can’t be a “slow burn” of set up and conflict like you might see in a full-length play. Everything needs to function as a mechanism to explore something deeper. The characters still go through some sort of change by the end of the play– the playwright just has to be good at fitting it all into that smaller container! 

In a ten minute play, you’re often being dropped into a single moment in time. At the Actors Theatre Playhouse, the audience is going to be dropped into eight VERY different worlds. You may not have all of the information the characters have going into that moment, and you still may not have all of that information when the moment ends. But for sure, you’ll begin to understand why Ten Minute Plays are the most challenging and fun time you can have in a theater.

“The Festival was established to encourage the production of new works from New England writers while exposing our actors and directors to the techniques and practices of working with playwrights producing new plays,” explains co-producer Jim Bombicino. “Each year the winning scripts are selected by a committee of playhouse directors according to criteria we have established for quality ten minute plays. We consider factors such as how well plays can be staged in our space, what scripts would work together for a balanced evening of theater, and how well our audiences might receive them

If you haven’t been, then let this be the year you give it a try! Find out for yourself why Ten Minute Plays are one of the most popular evenings you can have in a local theatre.

As we like to say
"Bet you can’t eat just one !”

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