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Casting Call 
for 2020 

Open Auditions December 2020
Wednesday December 4th & Sunday December 8th

The Actors Theatre Playhouse in West Chesterfield, N.H. announces Open Auditions for its Ten Minute Play Festival.
Festival dates are ten performances Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, June 4 – June 20, 2020. 
There is also one matinee on Sunday June 14th.

Audition Location: 
Green Street School Library, 164 Green Street, Brattleboro, VT
Wednesday, Dec. 4th at 6:30pm 
& Sunday, Dec. 8th at 2:00pm

If you are interested in auditioning, please email mohart68@gmail.com to schedule your audition date and time. 
If you are unable to attend either audition session or if cannot be on time, 
you may contact Mo at the email above, to make other arrangements.

Since the inception of the Actors Theatre Ten Minute Play Festival thirteen years ago, the goal has been to provide an opportunity for new playwrights to have their work recognized and brought to life. For seasoned actors and newcomers alike, we are proud to have created many acting and directing opportunities in our community each year. We strive to cast a large number of actors of various experiences, ages and types.

This unique selection of plays was selected from national submissions of over 300 ten minute plays. The plays that have made the final cuts are great scripts which could not be passed up. You are invited to read them. Contact co-producer, Mo Hart (mohart68@gmail.com) to have a PDF of any of the scripts emailed to you.  

At the audition, you will be asked to read from the 10-minute plays that interest you. Directors may ask you to read for other plays as well. You may audition for as many plays as you like and you may be cast in more than one play. We may hold call backs on Wednesday, December 11th.

Rehearsals for the 10-minutes plays begin gently in January and everyone will be off book by mid-May. Just a few rehearsals will be spread out over several months, reserving a short period of more intensely scheduled rehearsals three weeks prior to the opening. You should be available to rehearse any evening and weekend during the final three weeks before opening May 17 through June 3. Performances: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, June 6 – June 22, 2019, with the exception of Memorial Day weekend). Each director will schedule rehearsals for their respective plays. 

Directors for the 2020 Ten Minute Play festival are: Charlene Kennedy, Sherman Morrison, Sadie Fischesser, Mike Jerald, Carrie Kidd, Marilyn Tullgren, and Brenda Seitz. Nancy Hamilton will stage manage, and co-producers are Jim Bombicino and Mo Hart.

Grab a friend to bring to the audition, and share this notice with anyone who might also be interested in acting or working behind the scenes.

-The Plays-
We hope you enjoy this varied selection of plays and that you are inspired to participate.
Email mohart68@gmail.com to preview any of the plays and to book your audition date.

24 Minutes
Written by David Dudley
Working in a 911 call center is stressful – 
even more so when the caller might be your own child.
Cast: Woman 35-50, Woman 18-ish, young Man

Better Place 
Written by Eric Thomas
Bouncing back from a breakup is easy when your ride-share driver 
has multiple pathways mapped out.
Cast: 2 people, any age, any gender

Phoebe In Rain 
Written by Carrie Kidd
What’s real and what isn’t gets muddled with PTSD, 
and dangerous when guns are involved.
Cast: Woman 20’s-30’s, Man, 50’s-60’s

Surprise Written
by Michael Perlmutter
A creative marriage proposal crashes and burns – spectacularly.
Cast: Man, Woman 20’s, other any age

The Closet 
Written by Steffi Rubin
Because a shoe is never just a shoe.
Cast: 2 women, 40’s

The Lilac Ticket 
Written by C.J. Ehrlich
Sam and Barb confront two crises threatening their 50-year marriage:
one happening now, in the doctor’s office, and the other, a long-buried secret.
Cast: Man and Woman 70’s

The New Me
Written by R.A. Pauli
If all human cells are actually regenerated every 7 years, what becomes of us?
Might we become a whole new person?
Cast: man and woman 20’s - 30’s

The Kevin
Written by Rob Burke
Which human qualities could harnessed to make the most lifelike Artificial Intelligence?
Cast: 2 Men, 1 Woman 20’s-50’s

The following alternative plays may be chosen/substituted 
depending on availability of actors:

And Twice on Sunday
Written by Brad Sytsma
A comedic spin on one of the most basic elements of spycraft,
exploring a common foible of human nature.
Cast Young man, older man, 2 men or women, any age

This Year’s Model
 Written by Donna Hoke
When a guy outlasts his life expectancy,
his wife goes looking for an interesting retirement plan.
Cast Woman 40’s-50’s, Male Doctor 60’s

Youth For Dark
 Written by Keith Whalen
A high school student challenges his principal 
with an exploration of double standards.
Cast: Teenage boy, Man 40 yrs +

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